Our Mission

Traditional mapping shops are becoming a thing of the past.  When Stuart Warnock created Pioneer Mapping, he harnessed everything he knew and tossed the dead weight to deliver a unique approach to all things Spatial.  So Pioneer Mapping is made up of thinkers, innovators, dreamers, and doers hell-bent on changing the world through the creation of better digital maps.  That’s at the heart of who we are as a business.  


Maps sit at the core of our digital future. Digital representations of the real world don't just drive our use of smartphones and tablets; they're also key to some promising technologies (like driver-less cars) and Uber-fied location-enabled startups.  While you might overlook mediocrity in other digital experiences—blurry Skype video chats, numerous incoherent conversations with Siri—when it comes to getting to the right place at the right time, failure isn't an option.  Maps have to be correct.  They need to be usable.  They should be beautiful.


Pioneer Mapping’s professional experiences give us the tools and skills necessary to develop cost efficient and tailored solutions for all of your surveying and mapping projects  – which gives our clients the benefit of a single point contact for all of their spatial needs.  Contact us today to see what great things we can do for you.

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